What about us?

In 2018, after many years in the design business, good friends Emma von Brömssen and Daniel Långelid founded their wallpaper company Långelid/von Brömssen. The mix between Emma and Daniel’s designs is the very soul of the brand. In a timelessly playfull style they want to bring some spirit to modernism and a dash of modern energy to classicism. They also share a passion for true handicraft and a genuine belief that a beautifully decorated space is essential for our wellbeing. All wallpapers are locally printed in western Sweden at the wallpaper manufacturer Ulricehamns Tapetfabrik. Here a modern and eco-friendly production using water-based inks and paper from PEFC accredited sources meet with traditional printing techniques. Some of the wallpapers are screen printed and some are surface printed, a technique where thick layers of ink are pressed onto the paper by rollers giving it a beautiful painterly feel. The craftsmanship is elementary for the whole manufacturing process and the creation of new wallpapers happen in close collaboration between designers, colorists and printers.